About Us

Our vision

The vision of the Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence is to spearhead the mitigation of environmental damage and alleviation of poverty through the promotion of the use of environmentally benign energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass and other Renewable Energy Resources in Sub Sahara Africa.

The vision of the Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence for Sub-Saharan Africa is to expand the frontiers with applications of Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass and other Renewable Energy Resources in and out of Sub Sahara Africa in general.





Business Incubator, Advisory & Consulting Service

providing incubator services to startup ventures in addition to providing business consulting and counselling services to growing small and medium enterprises


RSECE Core Values

We can make a beginning. Remember the journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step-Lao Tsu



disaggregating results to prioritize the most poor and vulnerable children, youth and adults.

Expanding access

giving all children the skills, competencies, knowledge and values necessary to lead healthy and productive lives through early childhood, basic and secondary education and beyond.


ensuring success is not defined solely by enrollment rates but also by what a child learns.


enabling learning with safe and adequate environments and well-trained teachers. And also yo advocate for Government policies and regulations.(taxation, SPP, Standards, Feed in Tariffs)

We are pioneers in the field of Renewable Energy

  • Has the approval of the participating Universities Governing Board to foster a competitive energy market and ensure an effective regulatory system which protects energy consumers.
  • Will remove barriers to increased energy efficiency in industry, businesses, homes and transportation and develop a more sustainable energy system.
  • Will position Africans as the leading jurisdiction in the world for innovation where science and technology fuel economic growth and create long-term, high value jobs.
  • Development of Next-Generation Bio energy Crops
  • National Qualification Framework (NQF) Finalization
  • Continuing Training -development of Concept of Adult Learning
  • Development and piloting of the credit accumulation and transfer system for TVET
  • Skills for sustainable development –green skills, green culture
  • Quality assurance systems
  • Work-based learning
  • Better skills for TVET teachers and trainers
  • TVET orientation and carrier guidance –to create a comprehensive system (in the lifelong learning format)
  • Open Distance Learning, Open Education Resources
  • Diplomas, Masters and Doctorate Degrees
  • To establish Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence for Sub Sahara Africa as an Energy Information Resource Centre.
  • Pro-actively promote and support sustainable energy concepts and technologies, power sector reform and management techniques.
  • To establish a Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence for sub-Saharan Africa, which will train Africans on sustainable energy development and enable them to compete with their counterparts around the world.
  • Disseminate concepts of the best practices in the priority sectors.
  • To augment membership base & revenue.
  • To review, research and advocate energy sector technology,policy & strategy in sustainable energy.
  • Promote business-friendly policies.
  • To cooperate & collaborate with other organizations & institutions to further the Centre of Excellence mission. 
  • Provide local market information and analysis.
  • To ensure higher visibility communication & outreach of the Centre of Excellence.
  • Work together with the African industry representatives to identify and develop opportunities to deploy sustainable energy technologies and techniques.
  • To ensure that African science and technology infrastructure is at the leading-edge and in a position to support economic development and job creation. The centre of excellence will document Africa’s ability to innovate and adopt new discoveries and technology.
  • Communicate the benefits of sustainable energy technologies and power sector reform to policy decision-makers and other stakeholders in Africa.
  • To benchmark Africa against other leading jurisdictions and manage Africa’s statistical measurement of science and technology activities. The centre of excellence will also work to identify opportunities in markets and technologies likely to emerge in renewable energy in the next 10 to 20 years and ways to capitalize on them.
  • To increase levels of investment by engaging in research, development and training in sustainable energy, by encouraging partnership and collaboration through the centre of excellence and other entrepreneurs. This will enable the centre to be self-sustaining, self-reliant and independent (seems like they all mean the same thing...) by producing and harnessing available energy within our manpower.
  • To train local engineers and scientists, which are in short supply, to be able to share ideas, design, manufacture, operate and manage machinery so that we can consume what we produce and produce what we consume.
  • To ensure that coming generations can also expect to have their energy needs met reliably and sustainably. This has us more concerned than ever before with figuring out how we can tap renewable energies to make a long-run contribution that is environmentally compatible and climate friendly for the development of Sub Saharan Africa. The Centre will put emphasis on Solar Energy, Geo-Thermal Energy, Wind Energy, Wave Energy, Hydro Energy, Lunar Energy, Marine Energy, Tidal Energy, Biomass and Chemical Energy.

We Specialize in

Clean Energy Advocacy 100%
Solar Photovoltaic panels 90%
Bio Fuels 99%
Renewable Energy 100%

What is our mission?


The mission of the Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence is to expand the frontiers of knowledge in the harnessing and utilization of Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass, and other Renewable Energy Resources in Sub Saharan Africa.