The Centre will provide interdisciplinary research opportunities to graduate students, post-doctors, and visiting scientists. In addition to these activities in higher education, The Centre will be teaming up with many Universities. In Africa, we need to raise awareness of cellulosic bio fuels, carbon emissions from energy use, solar energy, solar thermal, wind, hydro and obstacles to a successful bio fuel economy

Masters of Science, (M.Sc) in Sustainable Energy

The Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence offers different courses on 23 Masters of Science, (M.Sc) in Sustainable Energy in different fields and areas of specialization, which will be integrated in the near future. In total, about 78 professors and staff members will contribute to the courses.


The staff and partners of the Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence for Sub Sahara Africa, Education and Outreach area inform a variety of audiences about Sustainable Energy research, energy concerns, and sustainability issues affecting our planet.


Business Incubator, Advisory & Consulting Service

RSECE provides incubator services to startup ventures in addition to providing business consulting and counselling services to growing small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

PhD Courses We Offer

  • Biophotonics
  • Electrical Technology for Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Electromagnetic Design
  • Renewable Energy & Environmental Modelling
  • Renewable Energy: Technology & Sustainability
  • Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics, including Wind Energy Specializations
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Fuel Cell Systems & Hydrogen Production
  • Marine Technology
  • Solar Thermal Applications
  • Wind Turbine Design and Performance
  • Photovoltaic Devices & Systems
  • CO2capture, Storage, and Mitigation
  • Emissions Reduction
  • Energy Efficiencies
  • Bio-energy Financing
  • Contract Farming
  • Energy Forecasting
  • Centre of Excellence Commercialize Products Financing
  • Clean Diesel Engines
  • Clean Coal Technology
  • Nuclear Power Plant Reliability
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Fuel Cells (Solid Oxide, PEM)
  • Thermoelectric Materials and Devices
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Energy Systems Reliability
  • Power Quality
  • Large Scale Optimization
  • Electricity Markets
  • Sustainable Energy Policy
  • Sustainable Urban Design
  • Emissions Reduction
  • Green Auto Power Train
  • Green Batteries

Short Courses We Offer

  • Solar PV Technologies (grid-connected and off-grid)
  • Biogas Digester Design & Construction
  • Inverter Construction & Maintenance
  • Solar Design, Construction & Maintenance
  • Small Bioreactor Construction for Biofuel Processing
  • Managing Energy Farms
  • Wind Repair & Maintenance
  • Small Hydro Turbine Construction
  • Small Hydro Dams Design & Construction
  • Solar Farm Management
  • Science & Engineering Processes of Biofuels Maintenance
  • Electrical Wiring & Installations
  • Metalwork Design & Construction
  • Carbon Finance
  • PV Sales & Finance
  • Solar Thermal Assessor Training
  • Solar Thermal Conceptual Design
  • PV & Solar Thermal Structural Considerations
  • Basic Photovoltaic
  • Solar Water Heating


  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)
  • Renewable Energy and Power Systems Management
  • Distributed Energy Planning and Management
  • Briquettes Production
  • Algae Production & Management
  • Metal Stove Science, Design, Construction, & Assembly
  • Mud Stove Science, Design & Construction
  • Solar Street Light Design, Installations & Maintenance
  • Biogas Energy Mechanic
  • Bio-plant Mason
  • Biogas Plant Architect & Designer
  • Wind Meteorologist
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Fuel Cells (Solid Oxide, PEM)
  • Thermoelectric Materials and Devices
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Clean Diesel Engines


  • Project Management
  • Air-conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Electronic Design, Management & Maintenance
  • Computer Engineering & Maintenance
  • Auto Mechatronics
  • Automobile Mechanics
  • Plumbing Science,
  • Small Wind Site Assessor Training
  • Small Wind Turbine Design & Construction
  • Introduction to Tower Climbing & Safety
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Management & Financen
  • Marketing for Renewable Energy
  • Energy & Resource Efficiency
  • The Green Deal
  • Clean Coal Technology
  • Energy Forecasting
  • Biophotonics
  • Electrical Technology for Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Electromagnetic Design


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