RSECE RE-Research

The RSECE/UMYU Energy Centre of Excellence is structured in Seven Departments / Units to help deliver its programmes. The Faculties/Departments are:

  1. Department of Vocational Training
  2. Department of Biomass
  3. Department of Solar Energy
  4. Department of Wind Energy
  5. Department of Hydro Energy
  6. Department of Innovation, Enterprise and Research
  7. Department of Programmes, Collaboration & Grants

Professional Staff

  • Prof. Abubakar Sani Sambo
  • Prof.Abdullahi Abdu Zuru
  • Prof.Idris M. Bugaje
  • Prof. Magdalena Ariadne Kim Muir
  • Prof. B. F. Sule
  • Prof. B Garba
  • Prof.Danshehu
  • Prof.OparakuOgbonnaUkachukwu
  • Prof. Isaac Nathaniel Itodo
  • Prof. Johnson Bade Falade
  • Prof. I.U. Abubakar
  • Prof. Sani Garba Daura
  • Prof. Isaac Esema
  • Prof. Igor Tyukhov
  • Prof. Lee
  • Prof Itodo


  • Dr Ugwuoke Paulinus Ekene
  • Dr Abubakar Usman
  • Dr Ado Adamu Yusuf
  • Dr MaishanuSaidu Muhammad
  • Dr Abubakar, Muhammad Bello
  • Dr Abubakar, Muhammad Bello
  • Dr Suleiman El-Ladan
  • Dr A. A. Esan
  • Dr Abubakar Ismail
  • Dr Galadunchi
  • Arc, Vincent Kitio
  • Engr Ashaolu Austine Olukayode
  • Engr Sirajo Yazid
  • Sir, Sidney Clouston
  • Abdulaziz Umar Batsari
  • Alh Ibrahim Aminu Trader

Research Proposals

  • A Photovoltaic Power Supply operating in grid-connected mode
  • PV Panels System Installation
  • Grid-Connected Photovoltaic-Based Single-Phase Inverter for Nigeria Residential Loads Grid-Connected Photovoltaic-Based Single-Phase Inverter for Nigeria Residential Loads.
  • Battery-less Solar-Powered Induction Motor Drive System for Water treatment.
  • Real-time wireless monitoring and control of Renewable Energy PV stations
  • Quasi-Z Source Inverter based Cascade Multilevel Photovoltaic Power Generation System
  • Unity Power-Factor Adjustable Speed Drive For Energy Neutral Building
  • Photovoltaic Energy Conversion System with Smart Micro-Inverter
  • A Rechargeable Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Lithium Batteries in MWD and LWD Applications
  • Active Management of Renewable Energy Sources During Faults
  • HVDC Architectures for Offshore Grid Connected Wind Energy Systems
  • Voltage Regulation of Low Voltage Distribution Networks Employing Photovoltaic
  • Effects of Environmental Factors on the Efficiency of Various Solar PV Technologies
  • Design of Intelligent and Environment-Friendly Irrigation and Conservation System
  • Photovoltaic power generation system based on highly efficient multilevel power conditioning unit
  • Development of a Multi-phase Wind Energy generation System
  • Wind Turbine Architecture Employing A New Three Port Magnetic Gear Box – 3PMGB
  • High Efficiency Nanostructured Photovoltaic Solar Cells
  • High performance electrodes for solar cells
  • Solar Powered Light emitting diodes
  • Single Phase Photovoltaic AC Module Integrated Converter
  • Plug and Play Single Phase Photovoltaic AC Module Integrated Converter with Wireless Coordination.
  • Investigating and Overcoming the Effects of Harsh Environment on the
  • Effects of Environmental Factors on the Efficiency of Various Solar PV Technologies
  • An investigation into Production of Heat and Electricity by exploiting Geothermal Heat of Oil wells and waste heat from refineries
  • Recycling of Aluminum and Development of New Aluminum Alloys, Drawing the applicability of geothermal power generation into the new domain of oil and gas industry
  • An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Effective Energy Utilization of a Nigeria ‘Eco-House’ Scaled Model
  • Integration of passive ventilation and novel cooling systems for reducing air conditioning loads in buildings
  • Solar to Fuel
  • Utilizing solar energy for membrane distillation desalination in combination of industrial waste heat.
  • Autonomous means desalination powered by renewable energy without connection to power grid.
  • Econometric Modeling and Analysis of electricity consumption in residential and industrial sectors in Nigeria.